Behind the Wheel Fees Explained

We try to be as flexible as possible with our BTW scheduling. There is no problem cancelling and rescheduling
but you must do it
no less than 72 hours in advance or there will be a $50 cancellation fee that must be paid
before we can conduct another BTW.

Why is there a $50 cancellation fee?

Depending on which program you are signed up for there are different variables involved.  In our basic package
each BTW is scheduled with at least two students so that they can complete both the BTW and observation
requirements. When your child does not show up for their lesson you have taken the observation time away from
the other student, thus the other student will have to reschedule that portion again.   We have skilled, dedicated
instructors  that are committed to teaching your child so when you do not show up, we still pay our instructors.
We also want to instil responsibility and consideration for driving in your child so that they can become the best
driver they can be.

Reasons for the fee.

  • The student does not show up for the BTW lesson
  • If you cancel within 72 hours of your scheduled BTW lesson and we cannot fill the spot
  • The student does not have their original permit with them at the time of the BTW lesson

How does the behind the wheel work (BTW)?

After your child has taken 2 days of class (4 hours) and has obtained their permit you will be able to sign up for
BTW lessons (all Driving 4 Teens fees must be paid in full). For the basic package each lesson is three hours
long and has two students in the car. For one & half hours  your child will be driving with one-on-one instruction.
For the other one & half  hours your child will be observing the other student driving. A total of 12 BTW hours are
required by state, 6 observation and 6 driving. They will learn how to drive on the expressway, reverse, park, etc.
The instructor will pick your child up at their home, work or school (within reasonable distance) and drop them
back off. No need for you to drive them anywhere! Your child MUST have their
original permit with them, no
copies allowed (state law ).