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2 Forms Needed On First Day Of Class

Teen Program Contract

1.) This form contains class, 9 month completion and BTW rules. It must be signed by both parent and child in order to be enrolled and receive letter of certification.

Eligibility Form (Blue Form)

2.) This form verifies that students have 8 passing grades in the last 2 semesters. This includes incoming freshman (the high school will take into consideration the Jr. High or middle school grades. Please have it completely filled out and signed by the student, parent, and school administrator. Please bring this form in on the first day of class.


Yellow Form

This form is for home school students. Please fill out and sign.


Pink Form

This form is for Students under the age of 18 who do not have 8 passing grades in the past two semesters. Print this form and ask the school to sign thus allowing your child to enroll in driving class.

Driving 4 Teens Forms & Links

Printable Class Schedule 2017

Behind the Wheel Fees Explained

Enrollment Form

Drive Right Text Book Link

Parent/Teen Driving Contract

Optional form for parents and teens.

Illinois' Rules of the Road Booklet

The Secretary of State does not always have the Rules of the Road Booklet available due to budget and time constraints. We cannot guarantee that your child will have a copy to take home with them. Please print this booklet if your child would like their own copy for home studying.

Information For Obtaining Permit And Drivers Licence

Checklist for getting your permit

Checklist for getting your drivers license

Checklist for your car to obtain license

Acceptable Identification

50 Hour log

Instruction Permit Information

Secretary Of State Links

Secretary of State Driving Facility Locations

Graduated Driver Licensing Program

New rules mandated in 2008 for new drivers e.g. Length of permit, hours needed to drive etc.

Affidavit/Consent for Minor to Drive

This form is necessary in order to get your child's drivers license if the parent or guardian cannot be present . The parent is certifying that their child has driven the 50 hours. You must get it notarized.

Parent/Teen Driving Guide

This booklet contains great tips about how to park, right of way and how to drive in adverse conditions. We would recommend you downloading it.

Illinois Graduated Driver Licensing Program Booklet

Road Information

IDOT, Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois Tollway

Informational Links

Medical Release Form - Senior Driver License Renewal

Tips on how to save on insurance